How to report an issue

If you experience an issue with HaxSync or want to suggest a feature, please follow this procedure. It makes managing issues more efficient for me, which means faster updates for you!

Read the FAQ

Chances are you aren't the first one to ask a specific question. Take a look at the FAQ, maybe it'll help.

Check the Facebook-Page

From time to time issues are caused by external services such as the Facebook API or Google Play. If that's the case, I will post on HaxSync's Facebook Page, so make sure to check it out before reporting an issue.

Create Account

Create an account using the Register button.
Registration is now mandatory, as bots started to spam this site.

Use the search function!

Before you open a new issue, please use the search bar in the upper right corner ( ) to see if somebody is experiencing the same problem.
If you find an issue that sounds related to yours, please add a comment there instead of opening another ticket. Issues with more comments are of higher priority, duplicate issues only waste my time.

If you are sure that nobody reported your problem yet, use the "New issue" - button in the upper left to create a new ticket.
Should you choose to open a new issue, please make sure to use a descriptive title, eg.: Not working => ForceClose when trying to sync contacts

Give Information

Please include as much relevant information as possible. Which phone are you using? Which Android Version? Custom ROM? What exactly were you doing when the problem occured? Can you reproduce it? Make sure to attach a logfile, so I can see what's going on. If there is an UI-related issue, some screenshots should also speed things up.

One ticket/issue!

If you are experiencing more than one issue, please create one ticket per issue, don't just create one huge ticket where you list all issues. This way, I can organize and resolve issues more efficiently.

Use the correct tracker

There are three trackers currently active on, please make sure you are using the correct one:

  • Defects: A feature is not working as intended.
  • Enhancements: You would like to see a new feature added.
  • Support: Various other issues such as problems with billing.